Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 26, 2007
Hueston Woods, Ohio

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The weather was perfect at this year's trip to Hueston Woods State Park
Last year, there was too much rain and the roads and streams were flooded.

We had a fairly light turn out, and we had trouble meeting up at the Marina at 10 am, because a few people got lost and the Marina was so large, we couldn't find each other. 

By 10:45, most of us had found each other.
  P1010097.jpg P1010101.jpg

By 11 am, we were off to our first of two fossil sites. The site was marked with a sign that said "Quarry" and on the Hueston Woods map, it was labeled "Fossil Hunting Area".  There was ample parking in the grass.

We quickly surmised that the "quarry" was the nearby creek bed.

The creek bed itself had plenty of large slabs with loads of brachs on them from the Richmondian formations. 

Dr. Dave Meyer, in his feature presentation at last night's Dry Dredgers meeting, had asked us to look for cases where the Brachiopod, Strophomena, has a "moat" along the commissura (edge of openning) indicating it may have been trying to escape the mud after a storm event.

We saw plenty of Strophomena's but none with the expected "moat".

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