April 26, 2016: WVXU 91.6 "Cincinnati Edition"
"Fossils and Minerals of the Cincinnati Area and Geofair 2016"

Mark Heyne interviews Dr. John Rakovan , Jack Kallmeyer and Greg Hand

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October 10, 2014: WMKV FM 89.3 & WLHS FM 89.9 "Outdoor Life with Carol Mundy"
"Cincinnati Fossil Festival"

Carol Mundy interviewed Jack Kallmeyer, president of the Cincinnati Dry Dredgers, about the Dry Dredgers and the Fossil Festival. This show aired live at 1:00 PM on 10/10/14.

Jack Kallmeyer, President of the Dry Dredgers, Inc

Press "Play" (above) to listen to Jack Kallmeyer talk about the Dry Dredgers.

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If you would like to know more about Jack's interviewer Carol Mundy, catch her on her web site thecrowknows.com.

For more info on "The Outdoor Life" radio program, see http://www.wmkvfm.org/outdoorlife.php

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