The Dry Dredgers at the
First Annual Fossil Festival
October 18, 19, 2014
(Next year's Fossil Fest will be October 17, 2015)

Photos by Bill Heimbrock, Debby Scheid, Tom Bantel and Jack Kallmeyer

In 2014, to celebrate National Fossil Day and Earth Science Week, the Cincinnati Museum Center in conjunction with the Dry Dredgers and other local organizations presented the first annual Fossil Festival at Cincinnati's Union Terminal.

Fossil Festival was held on Saturday October 18, 2014 with field trips on Sunday, October 19, following National Fossil Day events at the Museum Center on that Wednesday and Thursday.

The Dry Dredgers played a major role in most of the many activities that Saturday and Sunday. Most of these events took place in the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science, but the Dry Dredgers staffed two tables in the rotunda - a Fossil Festival Welcome table and a Dry Dredgers Information table. Here are some photos.

The Fossil Festival Welcome Table In the Rotunda

The Dry Dredgers Information Table in the Rotunda

The Dry Dredgers donated a treasure trove of fossils for the new Fossil Prize Wheel. This was a bright, dazzling wheel in which all fossil lovers were winners.

There were illustrated lectures throughout the day. Here is Dry Dredgers president Jack Kallmeyer speaking on "The Classic Cincinnatian: From Abundantly Common to Fascinating Rarities"

Visitors also were able to see Jack Kallmeyer's award winning exhibit of Cincinnati fossils.

The Dry Dredgers members were able to exhibit their finest fossil specimens at Fossil Fest 2014.

Ron Fine's excellent traveling displays of Cincinnati fossils were admired. Bill Heimbrock provided information on Ron's fossils to drooling visitors.

Here are a few pictures of the other impressive exhibits of our members.


Visitors were able to get their fossils identified by experts in the field of Cincinnati fossils. Yes, they were all Dry Dredgers.



Sunday, October 19, 2014: Field Trip Day

On the day after the Fossil Festival, there were a number of field trips to local fossil sites. Many of the field trips were staffed by the Dry Dredgers.

 Best of All  - - - Come join us on Saturday, October 17, 2015 for the Second Annual Fossil Festival!!!

Now let's see our March 2015 field trip to Southeastern Indiana.

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