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As a member you will receive a Dry Dredgers bulletin each month (except June, July, August and December). You will also get access to exclusive drydredgers.org content on our members-only area.

Note: A signed "Release from Liability" form is required for field trips. You are now able to include a signed "Release from Liability" form with your membership application. Forms are also available at meetings and field trips and you can sign once for the life of your membership.


1. Download file: The Membership Form (185k) by clicking on it. 
Adobe Acrobat should automatically run after the file is downloaded to your computer.

2. Print the form and fill out your name, address and your selection of membership options.

3. If you would like to submit your signed liability form with your membership application you may download it here:  Release from Liability.  Print the form and have all adult members of your family membership sign the form.

5. Mail both the completed Membership Application Form and the signed Release from Liability form along with your dues.
Send inquiries to Karen Fuchs at karen.cintidrydredgers@gmail.com.

These forms require Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat is available FREE from Adobe. 
This will NOT harm your computer.
Click the Adobe logo below for your free copy of Acrobat.

Unfortunately, we cannot yet accept payment online. So please mail a check or money order for $12.00 U.S. Dollars, for a one-year family membership, $22/two years, and $30.00/three to...

Dry Dredgers Membership
Karen Fuchs 
P.O. Box 446 
Harrison, OH 45030

The membership form must have your name and  mailing address or we will not be able to complete your membership.
(International applicants outside the United States can enclose an International Reply Coupon for US dollars obtainable at your local post office.)

4. You will receive a membership card and members-only web page password in the mail.

Send questions and inquiries to Karen Fuchs at karen.cintidrydredgers@gmail.com.

Welcome to the Dry Dredgers!

     Note: The Dry Dredgers is not a ".com" company. We are a not-for-profit society and as such, use free and donated services on the Web. The Dry Dredgers provide members-only  web services free of charge as a value-added feature of membership.

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