Dry Dredgers Paleontological Research Award

The Dry Dredgers were pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Dry Dredgers Paleontological Research Awards.   The value of the awards for this year totaled over $2500. 

The 2022 winning applicants are:  

Sarah Hennessey, who is a M.S. student of Dr. Alycia Stigall at Ohio University.  Her project is titled: Constraining morphological change across the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event: A case study from the Arbuckle Mountains of Oklahoma.  

Samuel Little, who is a Masters student of Dr. Carlton E. Brett at the University of Cincinnati.  His project is titled: A Detailed view of the Richmondian Invasion (Late Ordovician, Cincinnatian):Facies Partitioning of Incumbents and Invaders .  

Trevor Rempert, who is a Research Intern of Dr. Jessica Taylor at Case Western Reserve University.  His project is titled: A New Partial Skull of Mosasaurus beaugei (Squamata:Mosasauridae) from the Maastrichtian Phosphates of Morocco .

 Congratulation to these winners.
Click here for a list of past award winners

The Dry Dredgers Paleontological Research Award provides funding to support research in paleontology and stratigraphy intended for publication. While any research topic may be submitted for award, special consideration will be given to projects involving one of the following:  

(1) The late Ordovician period, and in particular, the Cincinnati Series.

(2) Paleozoic era as centered on the Cincinnati Arch.

Applications are limited to current graduate level individuals who are at an accredited US University and studying paleontology or stratigraphy.  Those research projects that involve collaboration by amateur and professional paleontologists are encouraged.  However, awards will only be made to the graduate student for their personal expenses and not to teams.

The Selection Committee currently consists of 5 amateurs and 3 professional paleontologists, all of whom are members of the Dry Dredgers. All decisions of the Selection Committee are final and non-appealable.

Rules and Stipulations:

Dry Dredgers, Inc. is a non-profit tax-exempt membership organization of amateurs and professionals formed in April, 1942. It is dedicated to stratigraphy and paleontology, particularly in the Cincinnati Series of the Upper Ordovician of the greater Cincinnati area. Its purpose is to stimulate interest and promote paleontology at all levels and to encourage the collection, identification, preservation and classification of fossils of all types. Throughout its history, the Dry Dredgers have encouraged cooperation among amateur and professional paleontologists.

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