Dry Dredgers Edrio Dig 2000

Saturday, March 25, 2000

Photos by Bill Heimbrock

On Saturday, the Edrio Dig continued as Tom Bantel, Charlotte Cox, Rich Fuchs and Bill Heimbrock pick away at the dried mud and flaky shale that rested on top of the Rafinesquina bed.

Above is Tom Bantel and Charlotte Cox.

We were then joined by Rich Fuchs who quickly spotted a graptolite (below). Also shown below are some closeups of how this pavement is worked.

Charlotte Cox spent all day working on that Edrio bed.

Bill Heimbrock did a little work too. Here are a couple of pictures to prove it!

Here's a nice shot of the Rafinesquina Brachiopod pavement. It's starting to clean up.

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