Amendments to Articles of Incorporation

1. The name of the corporation shall be:

Dry Dredgers, Inc.

2. The principal office of the Corporation shall be in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio.

3. The purpose of the corporation shall be to stimulate interest and promote education at all levels in stratigraphy and paleontology, particularly in the Cincinnatian Formation of the Upper Ordovician of the greater Cincinnati area; to encourage the collection, identification, preservation and classification of fossils of all types and to do any other thing or activity which is permitted by law.

4. The initial Trustees of the Corporation shall be:

Jack Kallmeyer, 325 Tuxworth Ct. Centerville , Ohio
Rich Fuchs, 5577 Fairwood Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dean Swartz, 5562 Liberty Woods Dr, Liberty Township, OH 45011

5. Membership in the Society shall be open to any individual or family upon receipt of the payment of dues. Other classes of non-dues paying memberships may be established by the by-laws of the Corporation.

Jack Kallmeyer

Dean Swartz

Rich Fuchs

Amendments to Articles of Incorporation
Bylaws of Dry Dredgers, Inc

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