The Dry Dredgers Board Members

The Dry Dredgers Board consists of elected officers, appointed committee chairs and a club advisor from the UC Geology Dept. A nominating committee is appointed at the April meeting each year and the slate of officers are voted into office for the next fiscal year by the attending membership at the May meeting. The Dry Dredgers fiscal year is from September to August.

Elected officers include President, Vice President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary.

Pictured above, left to right, Bob Bergstein - Hospitality; Dave Meyer - UC Club Advisor; Debby Scheid - Recording Secretary; Rich Fuchs - Vice President; Karen Fuchs - Memberships, Dean Swartz - Treasurer; Bill Heimbrock - Web Site & Fossil Kits; Tom Bantel -Paleo Research Awards; Jack Kallmeyer -President; James Cox - Fossil Kits.

Pictured Separately below are...

Greg Courtney - Education

Bob Bross - Field Trips

Don Bissett - Museum Display Case


The Dry Dredgers sincerely thank the Board for their excellent work in supporting and steering the Dry Dredgers as the group continues into the future of Cincinnati paleontology.

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