The Dry Dredgers at the 9th Annual North American Paleontological Conference (NAPC) at the University of Cincinnati, June 21-26, 2009.

The Dry Dredgers were right at home at the 9th Annual North American Paleontological Conference. This is largely because the University of Cincinnati had the honor of hosting this year's conference and the Dry Dredgers are founded and based at U.C.. But we also felt right at home because this was our element. Yes, NAPC is a professional conference of geologists and paleontologists. But the Dry Dredgers are an amateur arm of the paleontological community. We knew many of the attendees to the conference because we have worked with them on our own fossil projects and have helped them with theirs. The Dry Dredgers are born of the "Cincinnati School of Paleontology" and we were as much a part of this conference as the professionals who attended.

As you can see from the photos below, the Dry Dredgers booth became a hub for paleontologists who have studied the Cincinnatian rocks and fossils to come together and talk once again. It was an amazing experience for all the Dry Dredgers who attended.

P1010010.jpg     P1010025.jpg P1010026.jpg P1010027.jpg  P1010030.jpg

Click here to see a pictorial tour of our Dry Dredgers booth at NAPC 2009.

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